San Diego, CA, USA

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"Let the Dream Team give you the dream clean!"

"Let the Dream Team give you the dream clean!"

"Let the Dream Team give you the dream clean!""Let the Dream Team give you the dream clean!"

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We here at Dream Clean Windows Believe that you as a customer are investing in not only a bright clean view but also in us the owners behind the company so we thought it was only fair to be transparent as possible and show you what we are really about!   


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Meet The Owners

Brooke and Cain Webster

Brooke - San Diego born and raised I have huge admiration for this beautiful city from the stunning mountain views to the cool ocean climate I have always been mystified.  I Currently attend College full-time with a biology major. My goal is to start a low cost equine vet clinic to help those horses and owners who are not very wealthy with phenomenal care. 

Cain - Also a San Diego native I have long dreamed of starting my own business and now I have achieved it! I have a passion for cleaning windows (as weird as it may sound) and for seeing the expressions of my customers once they see how clean their windows are! 

Zella - Window Cleaner in training I was born December 6th, 2018 and love my Mom and Dad so much I want them to stay awake with me all night long!!